Abergavenny Club Guide


Iain will provide a schedule of matches each week and send this to all players by email.
Most of the matches will be for 2 pairs, but some will be for teams of 4.

Availabity: Please can you all check which matches you have been allocated to.  If there is any error or you are unable to play on that night, please inform the HOST or someone else.

Sitting out: Sorry that occasionally not everyone can be accommodated in the schedule.  Remember that John Middlemist’s club (john.middlemist@outlook.com) may have availability on a Thursday – or email Bill at Newport.

CASUAL (2 PAIRS) GAMES: When you logon, click on CASUAL. 

You should then all see each other and be able to create a game, inviting the other participants.

The first name (in capitals) is the designated person to confirm everyone’s availability and setup the particular game.  So please let that person know if there’s a problem.

Also please feel free to invite substitutes or change dates/times as necessary.  I know some might want to arrange extra games or re-matches from previous games.

I’ve tried to base the games on people’s availability as put on the Abergavenny website.

Starting a casual pairs game: The recommendation is to use CASUAL – START A TABLE.  Do not start in ACOL CLUB or you will get extraneous CHAT.  Set options for PERMISSION REQUIRED TO PLAY and PERMISSION REQUIRED TO KIBITZ – if you are happy for selected people to watch.  Alternatively just set INVISIBLE.  Reserve the seats with the four players and START THE TABLE.


All participants should logon 10 minutes before the start time.  When you logon, click on COMPETITIVE (do NOT click CASUAL) If you have problems go to “Team Matches” and search for “Abergavenny”.

The HOST will set up the games.  You should receive an invitation to join a table.  We will play a straight 16 boards.  The other pair of your team will play the same boards (at the same time) on the other table. The first name player of the second team will co-ordinate affairs on the 2nd table.  If you choose HISTORY in the right-hand pane you should see how they are doing.