On-line Bridge

On-Line Bridge at BBO – General Guidance: 

Logging in:
It is very straightforward to login on BBO and set up a table. Login; click on Casual; All Public/Private Clubs/Acol Players Bridge Club.

The EBU guidance is also useful: bboinstructions [EBUScore Wiki]

That said, you can ignore items 19 onwards (about paying) unless you specifically want to play in an EBU tournament.

You can also set up friends on the “People” tab. Once you know their online names, click on the tab and add them in. That way you can check who is online.

Playing online:
The Abergavenny site lists all those in the club who have registered with BBO. We are trying to get everyone to list their preferred days/times to play and give their preferred contact details. You can contact them (via email hopefully) and set up your own games. If not send an email to Iain and they will try and get you sorted.
See list of users.

If you want to set up your own table:
Towards the bottom of the screen it says “start table”. All you do then is put in the four online names and you are ready to go. when your partner and opponents login in they will automatically join the table.

How long do do want to play:
When you are contacting your prospective opponents make sure you agree a time limit or a specific number of Boards. Players often play between 16-20, which take about 1 hour 40 minutes for 16 and 2 hours for 20. If you are going to set up the table go five or so minutes before the agreed start time, so that the table is ready when the others login.

Bidding system:
If you are all Abergavenny club players you can use your own bidding system. Alerting is a bit clunky, but we have found it best to self alert.
To self alert, you will need to click the “alert” button and type in the “explain” box what your bid means. Your partner does not get to see what your explanation is, only your opponents. This is also used to “self announce” so it is useful to type in your No-Trump range as well. To ask what your opponents bid means, simply click on it in the auction and they will be prompted to write an explanation – give them a bit of time to do so”

Chat & Kibitzing:
There is a “chat” option, which will allow you to send messages to your partner and opponents.
Some do find this a little irritating and you can minimise this. Just below the deal screen, is a couple of arrows (not easy to see). If you click and drag you can minimise the area of chat or get rid of it (it will then appear on a tag on the right of the screen).
Kibitzing: Other people can watch you in play and comment. When setting up  a private table it is recommended to change some of the options;
Permission to Kibitz – On
Permission required to play – On
This should stop other people joining your game.

On your own or just you and your partner:
If you are on on your own you can just ask to join any available table. Or if there is you and your partner (but no one else from the Club) you can ask to be taken to the next available table.NB: If you choose either of these options you will be expected to play a fairly basic level of Acol (not fancy systems like Multi)

Finally, there’s a lot of information here and we will be updating it as we get more experience. Don’t worry too much if it looks daunting,but just use it as a reference point and if you find a better way of doing things let Iain or me know

It’s really good fun, so don’t be afraid to try it out. It is much better than playing against robots.
Hopefully this all makes sense. If not send Iain or me an email and we’ll get back to you to help you through it.